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5 Common Types of Stone Crusher Machines

In term of mining machine, crusher is known as a huge equipment or machine which is functioned to break the big rocks into the smaller ones and even gravel and dust. In general, it is a way to reduce the size of rocks so that it can be more easily to replace, recycle, and also dispose. Sure, it is very important for several kinds of industry, particularly mining, metallurgy, transportation, energy, materials. Since you can classify it as heavy equipment, it is really effective to break and crush a very solid and high hard material. However, for some matters, the crusher is also useful to crush the softer ones like iron ore, limestone, marble, granite and some others. There are many types of crushers along with the functions. Some of them will be described as follows.

Jaw Crusher
Jaw crusher is probably the most common crusher type tp be used. It is due to its working system pressing the materials unti they are crushed. It is generally used to break the rocks with really hard structure. However, for its ability, jaw crusher tends to be more flexible as well. Yes, it is also quite helpful if you want to crush other materials which are softer or smoother.

Roll Crusher
Roll crusher is a kind of crusher machine that works by applying the rotary rolling system with acceleration of rpm which tends to be slow. Roll crusher is very common to be used in the world of mining. It is for crushing the rocks with the level of hardness which is relatively low like ore, limestone, and materials for cements, copper, sulfur and many more.

Impact Crusher
Impact crusher is in general just the same with the roll crusher. However, the acceleration applied is relatively higher than the roll crusher. Based on that fact, the materials that can be crushed using this machine tend to be more various also even those with high level of hardness. In the world of mining and industry, impact crusher is common to be used to break the stones on the river or volcano rocks which are indeed known as a sort of really hard materials.

Hammer Mill
This is basically similar with impact crusher in which it works with the principle of rotary system with a very high acceleration. Besides, it also works by punching the materials that will be crushed. Hammer Mill machine is very effective to form smooth sand, mineral concentrate, ore mineral, and other kinds of powder from rocks, lets say the dolomite, zeolite and some others.

Hammer Roller Mill
Hammer Roller Mill is basically the combination of hammer mill and roll crusher. The way it works is by punching the materials hardly with high acceleration and then rolling it just like the roll crusher. This machine is very effective to produce concentrate from the mineral rocks with high levels of hardness. Then, it is really capable to make powder with high level of softness as well. This kind of crusher is very appropriate for the mining of gold and copper as well as the production of fertilizer.

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